What are worm castings?

Simply put, worm castings are worm poop! Worms have been fertilizing soil with their castings for millions of years, which is why castings make the best plant food.

Why should I use worm castings?

Unlike synthetic fertilizers, worm castings are a natural, non-toxic fertilizer. They increase your yield as well as add beneficial microbes to the soil, increase soil fertility and aeration, and conserve water. Plus, they’re odorless!

How does Kirk produce his worm castings?

Kirk feeds his cultured nightcrawlers organic peat moss, and the more they eat, the more they…well, poop! He sifts the castings from the soil, packages, and seals the bags you purchase on his farm in Neuchatel, Kansas. He produces about 2 tons of castings every week!

How can I use worm castings?

You can use Kirk’s worm castings in many different ways! Each bag has Kirk’s How-To Guide for potted plants, vegetables, annual flowers, lawns, seed flats, roses, trees, shrubs, berries, composting piles, and worm casting tea.

Will worm castings burn my plants?

Never! Worm castings have a neutral pH, meaning you don’t have to worry about adding too much poo to the plant.