Turns Buds into Blooms

Turns Buds into Blooms

Turns Buds into BloomsTurns Buds into BloomsTurns Buds into Blooms


Thank you for visiting Kansas Kirk's Garden Works!  Support local farmers and join the farm-to-garden movement by feeding Kansas Kirk’s worm castings to your plants! 



Kansas Kirk

Kansas Kirk is a proud Kansan who was born and raised in Neuchatel, Kansas. His passion for the environment and sustainable farming first led him to grow organic vegetables, but he eventually transitioned from food to fertilizer. Now he manages a vermicomposting operation that he started himself. 


What is it?

In 2017, Kansas Kirk developed the vermicomposting business, Kansas Kirk's Garden Works. He feeds his cultured night crawlers an abundance of organic peat moss, and the more they eat, the more they, well…poop. Their waste, a.k.a worm castings, is nature’s best fertilizer! Kirk sifts and separates the worms from the castings before sealing the castings in the bags you can purchase. 

Check out Kansas Kirk's story here! 


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